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The boys soon get a signal, and they discover a group of {{alo|Geodude}} and {{p|Graveler}}. Sophocles points his sensor at the [[wild Pokémon]], which detects a massive magnetic force. {{Rotom}} affirms that the dual {{t|Rock}}- and {{type|Electric}}s radiate strong magnetism. {{AP|Pikachu}} rushes over to the Geodude and Graveler and returns to Ash side with a mysterious golden stone. Kiawe quickly confirms that the object is actually a Spark Stone, a magma-hardened and electricity-infused rock that is also Graveler and Geodude's favorite food. Kiawe clarifies that he hasn't seen this type of behavior before, and normally Geodude and Graveler live underground.
Suddenly, a male {{pkmn|Trainer}} arrives on the scene and calls out his {{p|Pinsir}} to scare off the Graveler and Geodude. Another man appears, and with a pick axe in handpickax, he soon finds a large amount of Spark Stones. Kiawe decides to confront the [[Rock hunters|the men]], but they dismiss his concerns and claim the Spark Stones are available to everyone. The situation quickly escalates into a {{pkmn|battle}}, as Pinsir approaches using a {{m|Thrash}} attack. However, {{TP|Kiawe|Marowak}} gets in first and defeats Pinsir with one {{m|Flare Blitz}}. The men then flee into the mines, sowith Sophocles, Kiawe, and Ash decide to givein chasepursuit.
Inside the mine, they soon locate another two men who are in the middle of mining for Spark Stones. Ash, Kiawe and Sophocles look on in shock when suddenly the trio of Hikers from earlier appear behind them. The Hikers explain that the rock hunters are interested in making a profit from the Spark Stones, which can be turned into expensive jewelry. Kiawe is burning with intense anger, so the trio decide to continue their search for the rock hunters. They soon arrive at a dead end, but they can hear noises on the other side. Sophocles's {{p|Metang}} makes quick work of the obstacle and the boys enter into a well-lit cavern. However, the intensity of the heat overwhelms Rotom and the group spot the guys and Pinsir from earlier lying unconscious on the rock floor. The boys manage to wake up the two rock hunters who go on to explain that they were attacked by a boom and zap. Ash and his friends are unable to figure out what the pair means, but soon the odd sound occurs again and causes a rock to fall. Kiawe has his Marowak use {{m|Bonemerang}} to successfully deflect the debris.

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