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Cameron (Unova)

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'''Cameron''' (Japanese: '''コテツ''' ''Kotetsu'') is a recurring character who appeared in the [[Pokémon anime]]. He is a [[Pokémon Trainer]] and one of {{Ash}}'s [[rival]]s in the {{series|Best Wishes}}. He first appeared in ''[[BW093|Goodbye, Junior Cup - Hello Adventure!]]''.
==In the anime==
[[File:Cameron Unova.png|thumb|left|240px|Cameron in his debut]]
Cameron firstdebuted appearedin as''[[BW093|Goodbye, Junior Cup - Hello Adventure!]]''. He met {{Ash}}, {{an|Iris}}, {{an|Cilan}}, and {{an|Dawn}} as they were leaving the [[Pokémon World Tournament Junior Cup]] with his {{TP|Cameron|Riolu}}. He had meant to compete, but arrived too late. He later appeared as the group was seeing Dawn off. He announced he was going to take part in the [[Unova League]], but he was missing his eighth [[Badge]] because he thought that only seven Badges were required to enter. He also mistakenly thought the League was going to be in [[Ecruteak City]] in [[Johto]].
In ''[[BW094|The Road to Humilau!]]'', Cameron challenged [[Marlon]] to a [[Gym]] {{pkmn|battle}} for a {{Badge|Wave}}. He used his {{p|Ferrothorn}} and {{p|Samurott}} to battle Marlon's {{p|Jellicent}} and {{p|Mantine}}. Ultimately, Cameron and his Pokémon were able to come through with the win against Marlon and his Pokémon in order to get the last Badge necessary for Cameron to compete in the [[Unova League]].

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