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In the anime
==In the anime==
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[[File:Hau anime.png|thumb|250px|Hau in the {{pkmn|anime}}]]
Hau debuted in ''[[SM097|No Stone Unturned!]]'', where he was {{pkmn|training}} with {{p|Dartrix}}, only for its attacks to hit {{Ash}}, {{Rotom}}, and {{AP|Pikachu}}. Hau became excited upon seeing Ash's [[Z-Ring]] and asked if he had taken part in [[Hala]]'s grand trial. Hau then had a {{pkmn|battle}} against Ash, using Dartrix against {{AP|Rowlet}}. Hau ended up winning when Ash dropped his [[Grassium Z]]. Ash suggested they have another battle, but Hau was about to have a meeting with his father, so he declined but promised to meet up the next day for a [[rematch]]. The next day, they conducted their rematch after Rowlet learned how to use {{m|Seed Bomb}}, but it was still not enough to defeat it. In a last-ditch effect, Ash and Rowlet performed the [[Z-Move]] {{m|Bloom Doom}}, which was able to defeat Dartrix.
In [[SM131]], Hau approached Ash with his Decidueye upon learning that they would be battling each other in the next round of the Manalo Conference. In [[SM132]], Hau went to search for Ash, who was late for their battle due to his training with Rowlet. After finding him and making it to the battlefield with him, Hau and Ash began their battle. During the battle, Decidueye was able to dodge Rowlet's Bloom Doom, before using its own Z-Move, {{m|Sinister Arrow Raid}}, which was barely avoided by Rowlet. The battle concluded in [[SM133]] after Decidueye was defeated by Rowlet's {{m|Brave Bird}}, thus eliminating Hau from the tournament. Though he congratulated Ash for his victory, Hau was left dismayed by his loss, but he was comforted by Hala, who complimented him for the battle.
In [[SM135]], Hau watched the battle between {{an|Kiawe}} and {{an|Gladion}} in the stands. He reappeared in [[SM136]].

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