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Blaziken (Pokémon)

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Blaziken is probably based on a {{wp|cockfightingcockfight}}ing chicken, specifically the Japanese {{wp|Shamo chickens|Shamo chicken}} breed known for its mane and upright posture. The feathery legs resemble those of a {{wp|Cochin chicken}}. It bears resemblance to {{wp|Horus}} and {{wp|Ra}}, two anthropomorphic ancient Egyptian deities with hawk heads. Blaziken may also be based on the {{wp|Basan}}, a legendary fire-breathing chicken, or possibly the ''{{wp|karura}}''. It is somewhat based on the mythical {{wp|Phoenix (mythology)|phoenix}}, as its feathers burn off every few years. It may also draw inspiration from the ''{{jwp|天狗火#松明丸|taimatsu-maru}}'', creatures that resembled raptors or ''{{wp|tengu}}'' and trailed flames.
Its {{t|Fighting}} type may also draw inspiration from {{wp|Muay Thai}} fighters, since Blaziken's official artwork depicts a typical {{wp|Knee (strike)#Flying|flying knee}} and Mega Blaziken's stance portrays a {{wp|Muay Thai#Defenses in practice|check}}.
====Name origin====

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