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As[[Max]] {{Ash}}declares and {{ashfr}} travel tothat [[Petalburg City]] sois Ashjust canover obtainthe hismountain, 5thso [[Badge|Gymthe Badge]], theygroup decide to take a break andfollowing have{{an|May}}’s a picnicrequest. {{Ash, as per usual,}} is excitedkeen for his upcoming [[Gym]] match against [[Norman]], butthough {{an|May}} and [[Max]] quickly remind him that their dadfather is very powerfulstrong. {{an|Brock}} then reminds Ash that he hasn't chosen the three Pokémon that he will battle with, so Ash takescalls out all of his Pokémon. Thisfrom is when he introduces his newly evolvedtheir {{APi|GrovylePoké Ball}}s. Every member of the team is delighted, except for {{AP|Corphish}}, who is a little disgruntled seeing the newnewly Pokémonevolved {{AP|Grovyle}}. Ash isn't sure who he should choose, since he can't recall any of [[Norman]]'s Pokémon except for {{p|Vigoroth}}. Max says that he would never tell what other Pokémon Norman has, as he doesn't want to give Ash an unfair advantage over his father. When Max asks May who she would cheer for, Ash or Norman, May admits that, even though she wants her father to win, she also doesn't want Ash to lose. Suddenly, {{AP|Taillow}} drops a fruit down, and they ask Taillow where it came from. They followed it to a tree filled with many of the same fruit, and wanted some more. All of Ash's Pokémon tried to get the fruit, none of them having success. Corphish had the worst try, as he was too rough with the fragile fruit. Then, Grovyle tried, and he was able to cut down the fruit with ease using a simple {{m|Leaf Blade}}. This resulted in a lot of praise from Ash and his friends, and Corphish became jealous of the attention that Grovyle was receiving.
Suddenly, {{TRTAP|Taillow}} suddenlydrops interrupts,a grabbingfruit all ofinto Ash's Pokémonhands, inand an electricity-proof net. Corphish was unsuccessful in breakingits throughleads the deluxegroup net.directly Whento ita lookedtree hopeless, Grovyle cuts the net open with Leaf Blade and frees allfull of themfruit. ItCorphish thenis sendskeen Teamfor Rocketa flyingbite, and the gang praisehowever it evencrushes more.the Brockfruit remarkswith onits howpincers muchand strongera Grovylefollow had become since evolving fromup {{APm|TreeckoBubble Beam}}. Mayalso wishesproves outdestructive. loudMax thatorders Grovyle was hers dueCorphish to itsstop amazingdestroying power,the andfruit Corphishas becomesit extremelyresorts Whenramming the gangtree. settlesGrovyle downtakes forover lunch,and auses {{pm|LudicoloLeaf Blade}} suddenlyto appears,cut alongsome withfruit hisfrom bongo-playingthe Trainer named {{OBP|Poncho|AG067}}tree. Poncho,As afterAsh examiningand {{TP|Brock|Lombreashfr}} askspraise toGrovyle's haveefforts, aCorphish battle.becomes If anyjealous of the gangattention lost,that theyGrovyle wouldwas havereceiving. to{{TRT}} givesuddenly Poncho their sandwichesinterrupts, andgrabbing ifall Ponchoof lost,Ash's hePokémon wouldin buyan themelectricity-proof some cheeseburgersnet. PonchoCorphish choosestries histo trustycut Ludicolo,its and although Ash was probably goingway to choose {{AP|Pikachu}}freedom, Grovylebut camethe wantingnet toproves too battlestrong. Corphish,When seeingit this, came tolooked interferehopeless, andGrovyle Ashcuts chosethe tonet battleopen with Corphish.Leaf DuringBlade theand wholefrees battle,everyone. AshIt andthen Corphishsends wereTeam notRocket in syncflying, and in the end,group Ludicolo,commend anit enemyeven theymore, hadonly underestimated, won.making Corphish, unhappy with the result, ran off into themore forestenvious. TheBrock gangnotices thenCorphish’s realizesagitation thatand theyso havewhips beenup praisinga Grovyle far more than the now ignored Corphish, causing the aforementioned Pokémonlunch to feelsettle inferiortensions.
Corphish,Just allas aloneAsh inand thehis forest,friends hearsare aabout bongoto beatingdig andinto tracessome itsandwiches backa to{{p|Ludicolo}} Ponchosuddenly andappears hisalong Ludicolo.with Corphishits demandsbongo-playing a rematchTrainer, and {{OBP|Poncho|AG067}}. triesBrock toadds refuse.that TeamLombre Rocketis thenthe seespre-evolved form of Ludicolo, hisso Trainerhe andcalls Corphish,out andhis {{MTRTP|Brock|Lombre}}. hasPoncho oneasks ofto hishave fantasiesa involvingbattle, {{an|Giovanni}}adding andthat Ludicolo.he Shortlywins after,he Teamgets Rockettheir capturessandwiches, Ponchobut andif Ludicolohe inloses ahe net,would butbuy Corphishthem savessome thecheeseburgers. twoAsh byis grabbingeager onfor anda usingwarm {{m|Crabhammer}}up onbattle, and the balloonpromise asof itcheeseburgers floatsonly awaysweetens the deal. ItPoncho deflateschooses his trusty Ludicolo, and goesas flyingAsh aroundconsiders thewho forestto crazilychoose, eventuallyGrovyle landingsteps nearin thewanting gangto battle. TheCorphish, gangseeing seesthis, thatis it'sannoyed Teamso Rocket'sAsh balloon,selects andto thenbattle findswith Corphish. Poncho, and Ludicolo, andwarm Corphish.up Ponchofirst explainswith whata happened,bongo andbeat saysbefore thatthe Corphishbattle savedgets themunderway. Ash encourages Corphish, andcontinues thento theyattack, battlehowever TeamLudicolo Rocketavoids together,all defeatingthe them[[move]]s andwith sendingease themthanks blastingto offPoncho’s again.bongo Afterplaying that,and theuses gang{{m|Protect}} andfor Ponchoadded eatdefense. someCorphish ofapproaches Brock'swith stewa {{m|Crabhammer}}, andbut Ponchoits tellsstops themafter heLudicolo feltsurrounds badlyit aboutwith taking{{m|Double their sandwichesTeam}}. Ash orders Corphish isto happydestroy oncethe again,duplicates and showsfind offthe toreal GrovyleLudicolo, whobut it givestakes a nodbig ofhit acceptance.from Then,Ludicolo's Ash{{m|Focus suddenlyPunch}}. challengesCorphish's Ponchomoves continue to amiss battletheir target, thisand timeit withis hissoon knocked out by a {{APm|TorkoalHyper Beam}}. TheyAfterwards, winPoncho thisthanks timethe aroundgroup for the sandwiches and continues on his way. TheMay episodeand Max advise Ash that he and Corphish were not in endssync, and Ashin isthe remindedend, ofLudicolo, howan enemy they had underestimated, won. Brock declares that he mustwill workmake withmore hissandwiches Pokémonto inavoid aanyone battlegoing hungry. SoonCorphish, afterhowever, theyremains continueunhappy with the result and runs off tointo Petalburgthe Cityforest. The group then realizes that they have been praising Grovyle a lately and have now ignored Corphish, wherecausing the aforementioned Pokémon to Normanfeel awaitsinferior.
Corphish, all alone in the forest, hears a bongo beating and traces it to Poncho and his Ludicolo. Corphish demands a rematch, and Poncho tries to refuse. Team Rocket then sees Ludicolo, his Trainer and Corphish, and {{MTR}} suggests that Ludicolo would make a great gift for {{an|Giovanni}}. Shortly after, Team Rocket captures Poncho and Ludicolo in a net. Corphish intervenes, and after a failed attempt to break the net it simply punches the Meowth balloon with its claw, causing the aircraft to rapidly deflate and crash. Ash and his friends are almost hit by the balloon and are surprised to see Poncho, Ludicolo and Ash's Corphish emerge from the crash. Team Rocket are still set on stealing some Pokemon, with [[James]] and [[Jessie]] calling out {{TP|James|Cacnea}} and {{TP|Jessie|Seviper}} to attack. Ash has Corphish deal with the trio. Corphish uses {{m|Harden}} to deflect Cacnea's {{m|Pin Missile}} before retaliating with Crabhammer. It then sends Team Rocket blasting off with a Bubble Beam.
Afterwards, the group and Poncho sit down and eat some of Brock's stew. Poncho admits that he is still feeling bad about the sandwiches, and having seen Corphish’s performance against team Rocket he declares that it must have just been having an off day. Then, Ash suddenly challenges Poncho to another battle, this time with his {{AP|Torkoal}}. Ash starts things off with a {{m|Flamethrower}}, but Ludicolo dodges. Poncho orders a Focus Punch, but Torkoal uses {{m|Iron Defense}} to negate damage. Ludicolo follows up with a Double Team, but this Ash is more focused and has Torkoal sweep through the duplicates with a single Flamethrower attack. The Flamethrower finally singes Ludicolo. As the match continues on Brock and the others remark that Ash has learned to handle his Pokémon better in a battle.
==Major events==

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