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Charmeleon (Pokémon)

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Charmeleon resembles a small dinosaur with remnants of {{p|Charmander}}'s {{wp|salamander}}-like appearance, with the body plan of a {{wp|therapodTheropoda|theropod}} and a single horn on the top of the head, crestitself ofbearing a resemblance with theropod's crests such as the one of ''{{wp|Parasaurolophus}}''.
Although its nomenclature suggests commonality with the {{wp|chameleon}}, Charmeleonits exhibitsJapanese veryname, few''Lizardo'', ofclarifies the major physiologically distinguishing traits of the chameleon.that Charmeleon doesis notrather havebased theon specialized {{wp|Dactyly#Zygodactyly|zygodactylic}} feetlizards, separatelywith mobilethe eyes,''chameleon'' extrudableterm tongue,being or the abilityused to {{wp|Chameleon#Changemake ofa color|changeword color}}play like some members ofin the chameleonEnglish speciesname. TheAs fewsuch, characteristicsCharmeleon itdoesn't does share arehave the snout,traits athat prominentset headchameleons crestapart (whichfrom resembleslizards, awith smallthe hornmain intraits itsderived Generationfrom Iit backhaving sprite),an andappearance extensivewhich useis ofintermediate itsbetween tail.that Chameleonsof haveCharmander {{wp|prehensileand tail}}sthat usedof for climbing and graspingCharizard, whilereflecting Charmeleonits utilizesrole itsin tailCharmander's as aevolutionary weaponfamily.
As confirmed by ''[[M20|I Choose You!]]'', what seems to be a head crest is rather a horn that then becomes the twin horns of Charizard. Similarly, the snout is slightly more protruding than that of Charmander, but still rather short and rounded compared to Charizard's snout. The hands themselves are more developed compared to the original three-fingered ones of Charmander, having visible white claws while not yet having the separate fingers of Charizard. Finally, Charmeleon doesn't feature a {{wp|prehensile tail}}, and said tail is rather used as a weapon.
====Name origin====

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