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Pike Queen Lucy

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In the anime
==In the anime==
[[File:Pike Queen Lucy.png|thumb|left|250px|Lucy in the {{pkmn|anime}}]]
Lucy appeared in ''[[AG158|Queen of the Serpentine!]]''. Before {{pkmn|battle|battling}} {{Ash}}, she had rescued his {{AP|Pikachu}} from {{TRT}} with her {{TP|Lucy|Seviper}}, defeating [[Jessie's Seviper|Jessie's own Seviper]] in the process.
InDuring the battle, Ash started off by using his {{AP|Donphan}} against Seviper. For a while, Lucy seemed to be havinghave the upper hand despite the [[type]] disadvantage. However, Ash managed to turn the tables on the serpentFang Snake Pokémon by using Donphan's {{m|Rollout}} to counter Seviper's {{m|Flamethrower}}, knocking it out of the round.
Lucy then sent out her {{p|Milotic}}, which easily took outdefeated Donphan with a single {{m|Hydro Pump}} attack. Left with no other choice, Ash decided to use {{AP|Pikachu}}. However, again, despite the type disadvantage, Lucy almost managed to defeat the {{type|Electric}} by treating him towith a barrage of Hydro Pumps and {{m|Twister}}s. She even used Milotic's {{status|paralysis|paralyzed state}}, and had it strike Pikachu with a powered up {{m|Facade}}. Ash finally managed to defeat Milotic and win the match after he had Pikachu jump inside one of Milotic's Twisters to land a spinning {{m|Volt Tackle}}.
She reappeared in a flashback in ''[[DP128|A Pyramiding Rage!]]''.
In the {{pkmn|anime}}, Lucy is very different from her game selfincarnation, personality-wise, and appears to be friendlier. She is a woman of few words, though her assistant [[Barbara]] made up for that. She allowed {{Ash}} to challenge her, even though the [[Battle Pike]] was closed that particular day., Sheand also congratulated him on his victory. InHer thegentle games, however, sheattitude seems to be verydue irritatedto when[[LuckShipping|her thecrush]] on {{playeran|Brock}}. defeatsLucy her.also Herdoesn't changetend ofto attitudespeak inmuch, thewith animeher canassistant be[[Barbara]] attributedhaving to speak for her [[LuckShipping|crush]]most onof {{an|Brock}}the time.
SheLucy has a remarkable preference for serpentine Pokémon, and uses their tails as the perfect offensive strategy. [[Scott]] revealed that Lucy never taught her Pokémon defensive moves. SheInstead, insteadshe allows her Pokémon to take direct attacks from the opponent before retaliating with her own. In addition to serpentine Pokémon, Lucy likes Pokémon with squinted eyes, a preference that was responsible for her crush on Brock.
|vajp=Megumi Hayashibara
|vaen=Bill Rogers
|desc=Lucy's signature Pokémon is {{p|Seviper}}. It appeared for the first time fighting [[Jessie's Seviper]], and it later {{pkmn|battle}}dbattled [[Ash's Donphan]].}}
|vajp=Chie Satō
|vaen=Michele Knotz
|desc={{p|Milotic}} was Lucy's second choice after defeating Seviper, where, with a single Hydro Pump it was able to defeat [[Ash's Donphan]] with a single Hydro Pump. In theits fight against [[Ash's Pikachu]], Milotic managed to deal severe damage to Pikachu, but Pikachu won after using {{m|Volt Tackle}} in one of Milotic's Twisters.
It reappeared in a flashback in ''[[DP128|A Pyramiding Rage!]]''.

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