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* James receives a team similar to the one that {{SSB|Pokémon Trainer}} has in [[Super Smash Bros. Brawl]], except with a Pikachu instead of a Squirtle.
* This episode was parodied a few times in the US commercial for Pokémon that is aired on [[Kids WB!]].
* The theory test of this episode seems to be a reference to the questionnaire on the {{pkmn|games}}' [[Cinnabar Gym]], which the player can use to bypass the Trainer battles up to [[Blaine]], the Gym Leader. In the {{pkmn|anime}}, Blaine just happens to be the Gym Leader who Ash is supposed to challenge next. However, unlike in the games, passing the tests results in instant qualification to the [[Pokémon League]], bypassing the requirement of eight Gym Badges to enter.
* Jessie and James's exam numbers (634 and 546, respectively) are hidden references to their Japanese names. Using a type of Japanese wordplay called {{wp|Goroawase}}, the individual numbers can be read as "mu-sa-shi" (Musashi) and "ko-ji-ro" (Kojiro), respectively.
** A similar wordplay about Jessie's Japanese name was later used in ''[[SM113|This Magik Moment!]]''.

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