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Kukui proceeds to explain how in Kanto, a [[Pokémon Trainer]] can travel from Gym to Gym to challenge Gym Leaders, and, if victorious against one, will earn that Gym's respective [[Badge]]. To demonstrate, Misty and Brock introduce their respective Badges, the {{badge|Cascade}} and the {{badge|Boulder}}. {{an|Kiawe}} asks Ash if he collected all the Badges in Kanto. Ash confirms it, though Misty and Brock remind him that [[EP005|he]] [[EP007|got]] their Badges out of pity, causing his classmates to look at him questioningly. To avoid answering, Ash changes the subject, mentioning how Trainers with eight Badges are allowed to challenge the [[Pokémon League]], a [[Pokémon League Conference|battle tournament]] full of strong Trainers. When Kukui asks if anyone wants to battle Brock or Misty, everybody raises their hands. Misty subsequently decides to organize [[Multi Battle]]s, allowing them all to have battles against them.
First, {{an|Mallow}} and {{an|Lana}} team up against Misty, with {{TP|Mallow|Steenee}} and {{TP|Lana|Popplio}} facing Psyduck. As {{Rotom}} starts recording the battle, Mallow kicks things off with {{m|Magical Leaf}}, which successfully hits Psyduck. Lana continues by having Popplio use {{m|Bubble Beam}}, which also hits its target. Misty counterattacksresponds by having Psyduck use {{m|Water Gun}}, but Popplio creates a balloon, whichthat absorbs the Water-type move. Popplio the launches the balloon at Psyduck, who gets trapped inside the water-filled bubble. Misty mentions that her Psyduck is strong when in a pinch and orders ait to use {{m|Confusion}}, but nothing happenedhappens. Ash, unsurprisednot surprised, explains how Misty's Psyduck is a bit slow. Mallow has Steenee use Magical Leaf again, which bursts the balloon and causes Psyduck to fall on its head. Misty,This knowing that the ensuing headache will allowtriggers Psyduck to unleash its's hidden {{t|Psychic}} potentialpowers, isn'tand worried at all. And indeed, Psyduck then proceeds toit hurlhurls Steenee and Popplio into the air with Confusion. However, before anything else can happen, Misty tells Psyduck to bring Steenee and Popplio back down, and Kukui declares the battle beingis over. As Misty compliments Mallow and Lana, Psyduck finally registers the impact on its head, flailing in pain. While Rotom and Mallow sweatdrop, both Lana and Misty admire Psyduck's cuteness, with Misty even proceeding to hug it.
Next up are [[Sophocles's Togedemaru]] and {{an|Lillie}}'s [[Snowy]] against [[Brock's Geodude]]. {{an|Sophocles}} starts the battle with a {{m|Zing Zap}}, which however, much to Sophocles's shock, is completely ineffective against the Rock Pokémon. Brock explains that while {{alo|Geodude}} may be a Rock/{{t|Electric}} type, Kantonian Geodude is Rock/{{t|Ground}}, making Electric attacks useless against it. While Sophocles feels embarrassed for having forgotten about [[regional variant]]s, Lillie has Snowy attack with {{m|Powder Snow}}. However, Geodude uses {{m|Gyro Ball}}, deflecting the attack. Sophocles is surprised to see Gyro Ball being used as a defensive move, and Brock explains that a "certain challenger of his" taught him how to battle like that, looking at Ash in the stands. Kukui then comments how these battles demonstrate the fact that a Pokémon's [[type]], [[move]]s, and the way it's raised can create infinite new ways to battle. Sophocles admits that knowing the opponent is important to avoid making mistakes like the one he just did. With Kiawe and Ash's turn coming up, Kiawe requests to have a serious battle against Brock, while Ash wants to have a similar battle with Misty. Pleased by this unexpected turn, Kukui tells them to not hold back.

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