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Ambrette Town

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'''Ambrette Town''' (Japanese: '''コウジンタウン''' ''Kōjin Town'') is a town located in the southwest portion of the [[Kalos]] [[region]]. It is situated on the edge of a seaside cliff with a narrow coastline.
It is also the location of Kalos's Fossil Lab, where fossils can be revived into Pokémon.
==Places of interest==
===Fossil Lab===
The Ambrette Fossil Lab is a laboratory that specializes in reviving [[fossil|fossilized Pokémon remains]] back into living Pokémon. Various fossils, anthropological and astronomical items and materials line the shelves near the back walls and entrance. Among the items stored here are several meteorites which can be used to change {{p|Deoxys}} between its [[List of Pokémon with form differences|Formes]]. A {{tc|Hiker}} will also award the {{player}} the [[Burn Drive|Burn]], [[Chill Drive|Chill]], [[Douse Drive|Douse]] and [[Shock Drive]]s if shown a {{p|Genesect}}.
===Ambrette Aquarium===

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