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Individual values

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In Pokémon GO
In Pokémon GO, IVs have a range of 0 to 15. Pokémon have an IV for each of their three base stats: HP, Attack, and Defense. With the absence of other mechanics such as [[Nature]] and {{EV}}s, IVs are the only factor that can distinguish one Pokémon's {{stat|In Pokémon GO|stats}} from another's of the same species and form at each [[Power Up]] level.
A Pokémon's IVs can be evaluated using the [[Stats judge#In Pokémon GO|Appraisalappraisal]] option on the Pokémon screen., The playerwhich will bedisplay givena statementsbar aboutchart indicating the sumIV for each of allthe three IVsstats and whichevera stat(s)sticker havethat therates highestits IV total.
{{p|Tyrogue}} [[evolution|evolves]] based on its highest IV (chosen at random from all of its highest IVs if there is a tie).

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