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In the TCG
==In the TCG==
[[File:GladionCrimsonInvasion109.jpg|200px|thumb|Full Art print of Gladion]]
{{main|This listing is of cards mentioning or featuring Gladion (Crimsonor his Pokémon in the [[Pokémon Trading InvasionCard 95)}}Game]].
'''Gladion''' was introduced as a {{TCG|Supporter card}} in the [[Pokémon Trading Card Game]] during the English Sun & Moon Series (the Japanese SM Era). It was first released in the Japanese {{TCG|Awakened Heroes}} expansion before debuting in English in the {{TCG|Crimson Invasion}} expansion, with an illustration based on the [[Ken Sugimori]] artwork of the character. It was also released as a {{TCG|Full Art card}} in Awakened Heroes and Crimson Invasion, with an illustration by [[TOKIYA]]. It allows the player to look at their face-down Prize cards and put 1 of them into their hand. The player then shuffles this card into their remaining Prize cards and put them back face down.
{{cardlist/header|Gladion's Pokémon|Darkness|char=yes}}
{{cardlist/entry|cardname=[[Silvally-GX (Dream League 41)|Silvally]]{{GX}}|type=Colorless|jpset=Dream League|jprarity=RR|jpnum=041/049}}
{{cardlist/div|Other related cards|Darkness}}
{{cardlist/entry|cardname={{TCG ID|Crimson Invasion|Gladion|95}}|type=Supporter|expanded=yes|enset=Crimson Invasion|enrarity=Uncommon|ennum=95/111|jpset=Awakened Heroes|jprarity=U|jpnum=050/050|enset2=Crimson Invasion|enrarity2=Rare Ultra|ennum2=109/111|jpset2=Awakened Heroes|jprarity2=SR|jpnum2=055/050|jpset3=GX Ultra Shiny|jpnum3=131/150|jpset4=Sky Legend|jprarity4=TR|jpnum4=052/054

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