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Sevii Islands

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The '''Sevii Islands''' (Japanese: '''ナナシマ''' ''Nanashima'') are an archipelago in the [[Kanto]] [[region]] consisting of nine large islands and several small islands surrounding them. They are located far south of the Kanto mainland, and are home to several {{pkmn2|Legendary}} and [[Mythical Pokémon]]: {{p|Moltres}}, {{p|Lugia}}, {{p|Ho-Oh}}, and {{p|Deoxys}}.
The main islands' only game appearance was in {{game|FireRed and LeafGreen|s}}, but the two event-exclusive islands, [[Navel Rock]] and [[Birth Island]], later appeared in {{game|Emerald}}. The Sevii Islands also appear in other media based on these games.
==In the games==
The Sevii Islands follow a trend set by {{game|Gold and Silver|s}}, and provide most of the post-Elite Four plot in {{game|FireRed and LeafGreen|s}}. The Sevii Islands sideplot actually begins as soon as the {{player}} has defeated the [[Cinnabar Gym]] and obtained the {{Badge|Volcano}}. The first three islands, {{isl|One}}, {{isl|Two}}, and {{isl|Three}}, are the only areas available until the Elite Four has been defeated, but the plot here is important for continuing the game. By obtaining the [[National Pokédex]] (and subsequently retrieving the {{i|Ruby}}), the later islands are unlocked.
There is also a plot by [[Team Rocket]] based in the Sevii Islands. It deals with Pokémon evolution, and appears to be the prelude to a plot that is [[Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Versions|launched three years later]]. Only when the Team Rocket members realize that the player has already defeated Giovanni, who subsequently disbanded Team Rocket, do they give up.

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