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Timeline of events in the anime

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* Ritchie leaves {{ashfr|the group}}.
* The [[Indigo Plateau Conference]] ends.
* {{Ash}} and his friends head back to [[Pallet Town]].
* {{an|May}}, [[Max]], and {{an|Brock}} meet [[Scott]] for the first time.
* {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} arrive at the {{gdis|Battle Factory|III}} and meet [[Factory Head Noland]], the first [[Frontier Brain]].
* [[Ash's Charizard]] returns from the [[Charicific Valley]].
* Ash and Charizard prepare to face off against [[Noland's Articuno]].
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* Ash receives a new [[Pokédex]] from {{an|Professor Oak}}.
* Ash decides to go to Sinnoh, leaving behind {{cat|Ash's Pokémon|all his Pokémon}} except {{AP|Pikachu}}.
* [[Ash's Aipom]] stows away on the ship Ash and Pikachu are riding, infollowing orderthem to follow themSinnoh.
* Paul {{pkmn2|caught|catches}} three {{p|Starly}} and {{pkmn2|released|releases}} two, keeping the one that knows {{m|Aerial Ace}}, only to release it later.
* Ash and Brock find {{AP|Pikachu}} and meet {{an|Dawn}} for the first time in the middle of a battle with {{TRT}}.
* Ash changes tointo hisa {{seriesDL|List of clothing in the anime|Diamond & Pearl series|new outfit}}, outfitsent to him by {{Delia|his mother}}.
* Ash and Brock decide to travel with Dawn.
* Brock meets [[Professor Rowan]] for the first time, while Dawn meets Paul for the first time.

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