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Rotom Pokédex

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Story quotes
* After Mina tells the player to go to [[Vast Poni Canyon]]
:''"Now that we've got the flutezzz, we need to head to the Vast Poni Canyon!"''
;Ancient Poni Path
* After Team Skull leaves
:''"Y'know, buddy, I'm getting lezzz and lezzz acared of Team Skull."''
;Vast Poni Canyon
* After defeating Dulse{{sup/7|US}}/Soliera{{sup/7|UM}}
:''"{{tt|We'll prove to the Ultra Recon Squad that we're strong enough to face anything, kid! Let'zzz make it through Vast Poni Canyon!|?}}"/"{{tt|It seemzzz like the Ultra Recon Squad people are really counting on you, <player>! You're my partner--don't make me look silly!|?}}"''
* After Lillie heals the player's team
:''"So this is the Vast Poni Canyon... Be careful! The wind izzz pretty strong out there!"''
* After Lillie catches up and heals the player's team again
:''"Don't let Lillie have all the fun! We should change into our Z-Powered form, too, partner!
* After reaching the trial gate
:''"There's a trial gate in Vast Poni Canyon, too! Thizzz is going to be intense!"''
* After starting the trial
:''"The totem that protectzzz the land... Zzzt-zzt-zzt, I bet it's super powerful!"''
* After clearing the trial
:''"You cleared another trial! You're just great in any situation, aren't you, kiddo? Zzzzrt!"''
;[[Altar of the Sunne]]{{sup/7|US}}/[[Altar of the Moone]]{{sup/7|UM}}
* Upon arriving
:''"{{tt|Thizzz altar... It must be older than I can imagine! I wonder who built it...?|?}}"/"{{tt|The altar muzzzt be ancient... Watch your step, <player>! The stairs are falling apart, too!|?}}"''
* After Lillie takes her place at the alter
:''"What'zzz gonna happen when you and Lillie play the flutes together? I can hardly wait!"''
* After the Ultra Recon Squad offers to lend their {{p|Lunala}}{{sup/7|US}}/{{p|Solgaleo}}{{sup/7|UM}} to the player for an [[Ultra Warp Ride]]
:''"Ultra Warp Ride... D-do we have to try it? OK, OK, I guezzz we don't have a choice...
;[[Ultra Megalopolis]]
* After talking to Phyco and Soliera{{sup/7|US}}/Dulse and Zossie{{sup/7|UM}}
:''"So this is the Ultra Megalopolis... I've never seen buildings like thezzze before!"''
=====Progress quotes=====

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