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Rotom Pokédex

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Story quotes
;[[Ancient Poni Path]]
* After Hapu's grandmother registers {{p|Machamp}} to the Ride Pager
:''"{{tt|Man, I'm jealous! Machamp makezzz it look so effortless! I wish I could pick you up and carry you like that, <player>!|?}}"/"{{tt|Tzzzzzzzrt! How come you get to be carried by Machamp?! I want to be carried around too! Oh wait, I already am!|?}}"''
;[[Ruins of Hope]]
* After Lillie enters the ruins
:''"Let'zzz hope Lillie's wish is granted at the Ruins of Hope, instead of her hopes ruined!"''
* After discovering the stone blocks
:''"I've got to wonder... Who put these big, heavy-looking boulderzzz here...?
* After Hapu and Lillie leave
:''"I wonder if we'll be able to get to [[Exeggutor Island]] from Seafolk Village?"''
;Seafolk Village
* After being told to speak with Mina
:''"Now, if I were Mina, where would I hide...? Keep your eyezzz peeled, partner!"''
;Exeggutor Island
* After seeing the Exeggutor
:''"Zzzrreeeek! What's going on?! The Exeggutor are swinging their heads around like crazzzy!"''
* After defeating or catching the first {{p|Pinsir}}
:''"Ah, I see... A Pinsir had stuck to it, so it was trying to shake it off..."''
* After the Exeggutor walks away
:''"Now, where did that Exeggutor wander off to? It looked like it went up ahead somewhere..."''
;Seafolk Village
* After Mina tells the player to go to [[Vast Poni Canyon]]
:''"Now that we've got the flutezzz, we need to head to the Vast Poni Canyon!"''
=====Progress quotes=====

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