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Rotom Pokédex

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{{g|Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon}}
* After Faba surrenders the key
:''"That guy with the weird glassezzz sure looked upset! C'mon, kiddo, let'zzz go find Lusamine. She's got to be somewhere farther in on the first floor!"''
* After finding Team Skull
:''"I hope Lusamine hasn't gone all weird like the rest of Aether Paradise... She seemed so nice lazzzt time we met her!"''
* After defeating Guzma
:''"Now we should be able to reach Lusamine at last. Let'zzz hope Lillie is with her!"''
* After defeating Dulse{{sup/7|US}}/Soliera{{sup/7|UM}}
:''"I-I don't now what'zzz going on... I have a feeling we should find Lillie and Nebby as quickly as possible, partner!"''
* After Lusamine warps to the Trophy Room
:''"Lusamine disappeared just like that! C'mon, let'zzz follow her onto that warp panel!"''
* After entering the Trophy Room
:''"Zzt-zzt-zzt... D-do we really have to face down Lusamine...? She seemzzz pretty intense..."''
* After spending the night
:''"Yezzzterday was certainly eventful, eh, kid? Lillie's waiting for us, so let's head out!"''
* After Lillie and Gladion head to the docks
: ''"Oh my zzzzzrt! That's quite a change!"''
::'''You mean Lillie?''': ''"That'zzz right! She looks full of energy, and it's not just becauzzze of the change in clothes!"''
::'''You mean Hau?''': ''"That'zzz right! He's getting a little bit of that... vibe Kahuna Hala hazzz!"''
:''"Everyone is waiting where boatzzz come in! Let's get out of this place!"''
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