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Rotom Pokédex

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[[File:Sun Moon Poké Finder artwork.png|thumb|200px|{{ga|Selene}} using the Poké Finder]]
The '''Poké Finder''' (Japanese: '''ポケファインダー''' ''Poké Finder'') function allows players to [[photography|take pictures]] of Pokémon in locations where the icon on the player's bottom screen turns into that of a camera. It can be activated by pressing the R button or tapping the camera icon in those select locations. Pictures are then evaluated with a "Thumbs-Up" score. Pokémon found through the Poké Finder will be registered as seen in the Pokédex.
:''"What's thizzz about secret labzzz...? This place makezzz Po Town look safe and welcoming..."''
* After defeating the [[{{tc|Aether Foundation Employee|Aether Foundation Employees]]}}s
:''"Now, let'zzz see... I think Hau went into the lab in the back."''

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