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Rotom Pokédex

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Story quotes
* After Acerola and [[Nanu]] leave
:''"Good job rescuing that {{p|Yungoos}} , kiddo! C'mon, let'zzz head back to the Aether House!"''
;Aether House
* If the player tells Gladion they're not ready to go to Aether Paradise
:''"I guezzz there was more to Gladion than just a scary attitude... He wanted to meet up at the ferry terminal in Malie City, right? Let's zzzip right over!"''
;Malie City
* If the player declines to battle Nanu right away
:''"Nanu is a police officer AND the island kahuna?! Maybe there'zzz more to him than I thought..."''
;Aether Paradise
* After arriving with Hau and Gladion
:''"This atmosphere... It'zzz completely different from when we last came to Aether Paradise! Be careful, <player>...and on to the elevator hall! We've made it thizzz far together!"''
* If the player tells Gladion they're not ready to go to the lower level
:''"Zmmm! If you're ready, better go with Gladion. He's itching to get a move on!"''
* After splitting up to explore the Secret Labs
:''"What's thizzz about secret labzzz...? This place makezzz Po Town look safe and welcoming..."''
* After defeating the [[Aether Foundation Employee|Aether Foundation Employees]]
:''"Now, let'zzz see... I think Hau went into the lab in the back."''
* After splitting up with Hau to find information
:''"I...I'd thought the Aether Foundation people were all nice folkzzz...
* After Hau leaves the Secret Lab
:''"I think it'zzz time we got out of here, too, <player>."''
* After Gladion and Hau take the elevator
:''"We can meet up with them if we take the elevator up to 1F. Well? Let'zzz go!"''
* After Gladion and Hau go to find Lusamine
:''"I'm happy Hau's with us! And I never thought I'd say thizzz, but...I'm glad Gladion is here, too!"''
* After Faba surrenders the key
:''"That guy with the weird glassezzz sure looked upset! C'mon, kiddo, let'zzz go find Lusamine. She's got to be somewhere farther in on the first floor!"''
=====Progress quotes=====

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