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Reversal Mountain

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'''Reversal Mountain''' (Japanese: '''リバースマウンテン''' ''Reverse Mountain'') is a mountain located in eastern [[Unova]]. It is connected to [[Undella Town]] from the east and to [[Lentimas Town]] from the west. The [[Strange House]] is just east of Lentimas Town on the exterior of the mountain. The mountain's interior differs between versions: in [[Pokémon Black and White Versions 2|Pokémon Black 2]], the mountain's interior is filled with water, while in [[Pokémon Black and White Versions 2|Pokémon White 2]], it is filled with magma. Inside the mountain, [[Bianca]] will join the player as a [[Multi Battle]] partner.
Reversal Mountain was where {{p|Heatran}} used to come to cool off. If the {{player}} finds and brings the [[Magma Stone]] to the mountain's lowest floor, Heatran will appear.

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