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Giovanni (anime)

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* In [[Pokémon Live!]], it is stated that he dated [[Delia Ketchum]], though this is both unmentioned and unconfirmed in the {{pkmn|anime}}.
* In the English dub, Giovanni is the first character to regain his original voice actor following the voice actor switch.
* Giovanni is the only evil[[Villainous teams|villainous team]] leader to date to make an appearance in a [[Pokémon movie]].
** Giovanni is also the only evilvillainous team leader to have appeared in more than one [[series]] of the anime.
* Giovanni is the only Gym Leader in the anime to have used a [[Legendary Pokémon]] in a [[Gym]] {{pkmn|battle}}.
* Giovanni is the only Gym Leader from [[Generation I]] whom Ash hasn't battled as a Gym Leader.

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