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* Director [[Kunihiko Yuyama]] looked to {{wp|Venice|Venice, Italy}} for inspiration when designing [[Alto Mare]].
** This explains why the characters say ''{{tt|ciao|hello}}'' and ''{{tt|arrivederci|goodbye}}'', as well as the names of Bianca and Lorenzo.
* This movie begins the tradition of featuring a next-generation Pokémon during the last movie in the current generation's series. This trend would last until [[M22]], which was released during the {{series|Sun & Moon}}, exactly one day before this movie's seventeenth anniversary.
** This trend would last until [[M22]], however.
* This is the first movie in which {{TRT}} has no contact with the main characters. It is also the first movie in which they are not the last characters to appear before the ending credits.
* The English dub of this movie mentions that an {{p|Aerodactyl}} and {{p|Kabutops}} drowned. Though the {{2t|Rock|Flying}}-type Aerodactyl may have drowned, it is highly unlikely that the {{2t|Rock|Water}}-type Kabutops would have.

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