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Pokémon GO
===Pokémon GO===
[[File:Pokémon GO evolution.png|thumb|150px|Zubat evolving in Pokémon GO]]
In [[Pokémon GO]], the player can evolve Pokémon by spending [[Candy]]. The Candy cost for evolution varies between Pokémon species, ranging from 12 (to evolve {{p|Caterpie}} into {{p|Metapod}}) to 400 (to evolve {{p|Magikarp}} into {{p|Gyarados}} or {{p|Meltan}} into {{p|Melmetal}}).
Each evolutionary family has their own kind of Candy. Candy can be obtained by catching or hatching Pokémon of that evolutionary family, or by walking with a Pokémon of that evolutionary family as a [[Buddy Pokémon]]. The player can also obtain 1 Candy for its evolutionary family by permanently transferring it to [[Professor Willow]].

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