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{{Ash}} is running to school, excited about today's field trip to [[Akala Island]]. Inside the school grounds, Ash asks {{Rotom}} what kind of Pokémon live on Akala Island but as Rotom does a search, Ash is hit by a {{p|Tauros}} which sends him flying. {{TP|Kiawe|Charizard}} lands in front of Tauros and restrains the angered Tauros, and {{an|Sophocles}} explains that Tauros had become startled when Charizard had landed. Charizard struggles with Tauros until a {{DL|List of Pokémon with form differences|Lycanroc|Midday Form}} {{DL|Olivia|Lycanroc}} jumps down in between them. A [[Olivia|lady]] arrives and after greeting them, goes over to the Tauros and calms it down, before giving it a kiss to everyone's shock. The lady then goes over to Charizard, complimenting it on doing a good job and gives it a kiss as well. Kiawe goes over and greets her, calling her by the name Olivia. As Ash asks Kiawe if he knows her, Kiawe introduces the lady as Olivia, [[Island Kahuna|Kahuna]] of [[Akala Island]].
Inside the classroom, Olivia comments that she will be in charge of the field trip and starts to get something out for the group, but trips instead. After picking herself up in embarrassment, she brings out some jewelry, and hands one to each student. As she approaches Ash, who doesn't know what to think about the jewel he had received, Olivia reveals her [[Z-Ring]]. Ash is excited to see her Z-Ring which contains a [[Rockium Z]], and Olivia asks Ash if he is taking on the island challenge which Ash confirms. Olivia then tells the group to grab their stuff to leave, only to collide with [[Samson Oak]] who arrives in the classroom.

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