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Mewtwo (original series)

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Personality and characteristics
===Personality and characteristics===
Throughout the course of the [[M01|first movie]], Mewtwo viewed all humans as its enemy, as [[Team Rocket]]'s boss {{an|Giovanni}} would usually rely on it for his evil deeds. However, since {{Ash}} was petrified by the attacks of both Mewtwo and {{movOBP|Mew|Mew|01M01}}, Mewtwo had a change of heart and did everything to make sure that no one remembered what had happened.
It had calmed considerably since the events in Kanto, and Mewtwo had grown into a guardian figure for its fellow clones. While it still questioned its place in the world, it felt responsible for its clones and was willing to sacrifice itself in order to keep them safe from harm. Its view on humanity was further changed as Ash helped Mewtwo to Purity Spring, Ash claiming that no one needs a reason to help someone. Mewtwo's outlook on life was further influenced by how the spring affected it, as if the waters had the same restoring effect on it as they did on other Pokémon, then it concluded that the world was its rightful place as well.

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