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Ash and Lana look around them as a {{p|Carvanha}} submarine suddenly appears. A {{OBP|Hunter|SM120}} emerges from the hull and with a click of his fingers a pair of [[Hunter's underlings|underlings]] and their {{p|Palpitoad}} appear. The underlings snare Kyogre in an electric net, inflicting significant pain onto the [[Legendary Pokémon]]. The leader radios into his grunts before capturing Kyogre in a yellow beam and beginning to drag it further out to sea. Ash informs Lana that a Pokémon Hunter is someone who captures Pokémon for a profit. Lana is immediately irritated and prepares to cast out her line to save Kyogre the mistreatment. The Hunter's Seismitoad leaps towards her, though [[Sandy]] batters it away. Seismitoad attempts a poisonous attack, though Brionne strikes back with a {{m|Bubble Beam}} as Sandy knocks it into a nearby cliff. Lana thanks her Pokémon for their efforts and begins to walk towards Kyogre again. The Hunter is furious and orders his underlings to surround the interfering duo. Ash calls out all of his Pokémon to join the fight. {{AP|Lycanroc}} and {{AP|Torracat}} rush ahead, evading a {{m|Mud Bomb}} in the process. Lycanroc unleashes a {{m|Stone Edge}}, but the Palpitoad back-flips to evade the attack. Torracat, however, knocks it into the water with a {{m|Fire Blast}}. The second underling orders a {{m|Hydro Pump}} which Pikachu narrowly sidesteps to avoid. Pikachu crashes into Palpitoad with a {{m|Quick Attack}}, and Sandy uses the cliff's heights to land a powerful overhead {{m|Double-Edge}}. Ash turns his attention to the Hunter's submarine and has {{AP|Rowlet}} strike it with a {{m|Seed Bomb}}. Rowlet promptly swallows its precious [[Everstone]] again as {{AP|Meltan}} lands onto the submarine.
Lana throws her line again and pleads for Kyogre to grab a hold of it. The Hunter continues to pull Kyogre out to sea, he then orders his Seismitoad to attack Lana. Pikachu leaps to Lana's aid with an {{m|Iron Tail}} and knocks Seismitoad into a cliff with its own {{m|Focus Blast}} attack. Lana tries again, and this time Kyogre takes a large mouthful of water and chomps onto the lure. She maintains her grip as she is now being dragged out as well. The Palpitoad duo attempt another ambush, but Torracat's {{m|Flame Charge}} and Lycanroc's {{m|Accelerock}} batters the threats away. Ash and Lana's other Pokémon continue to fight off the Palpitoad and Seismitoad, while Lana holds steady despite the increasing wake. Meltan's taste for metal proves useful as it begins to eat its way through the Hunter's metal sub. One of the underlings inside the sub radios into the boss to alert him that the tractor beam is quickly losing power. The Hunter calls for a change of plans; trap Kyogre inside the sub. The Carvanha submarine stops its tractor beam and hinges its jaw wide open to grab the target. However, Kyogre appears to have regained some of its strength. The Legendary lets out a mighty roar which summons some incredibly dark clouds. A torrential rain begins to fall, and the sudden change of conditions also draws Lillie and the others' attentions. Ash quickly recalls all of his Pokémon to their [[{{i|Poké Ball]]}}s. Kyogre leaps from the water and the resulting wake washes over Ash and Lana. Brionne saves Ash, Pikachu and Sandy with its bubbles. As for Lana, she continues to hold onto her line and Kyogre, who soon drags her into the ocean depths. It gives the Hunters' submarine a flick with its tail and sends them blasting off. The Hunter and his two underlings land directly in front of [[Officer Jenny]], who was enjoying a day on the beach.
Meanwhile, Brionne attempts to reach Lana, but Kyogre's speed is unparalleled. In its desperation, Brionne bursts into a brilliant blue light and promptly [[Evolution|evolves]] into a {{p|Primarina}}. Kyogre suddenly lets go of the fishing line and Primarina goes onto rescue Lana. Ash, Pikachu and Sandy watch in amazement as Primarina emerges from the water in a vertical leap. Kyogre suddenly freezes over the water using {{m|Sheer Cold}} to create an icy refuge from the swirling seas. Lana realizes that Kyogre is still angry and sets herself the task of finally reeling the Legendary in. Ash is left baffled when Lana climbs aboard Primarina and simply leaps back into the treacherous seas. Lana casts her line once more and soon enough Kyogre bites onto it. She urges Primarina to keep swimming as she tries to hold onto her big catch. Kyogre makes the task challenging as it performs bounding leaps and tossing rolls. Primarina maneuvers Lana without any trouble. Lana suddenly reels Kyogre into the air and orders Primarina to sing. Primarina performs a melodic opera that calms Kyogre as leaps over the duo. The subsequent wake ends the performance and the skies instantly clear. Later Lana and Primarina swim out to their new friend, Kyogre, to thank it for the precious moment. Kyogre swims back and with a roar it destroys its Sheer Cold island, sending Ash, Sandy and Pikachu into the water. A spectacular sprinkle of ice concludes the encounter.

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