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Personality value

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====Cute Charm====
In [[Generation IV]] only, when {{a|Cute Charm}} forces a Pokémon to be a specific gender, it does so by setting its personality value to one out of 25 possible values that correspond to the forced gender (one value per [[nature]]). The set of possible values depends on the gender of the Pokémon with Cute Charm, and, if the Pokémon with Cute Charm is female, the wild Pokémon's [[gender ratio]]. This has significant consequences for properties determined by personality value.
As a result, when the encountered species can be affected by Cute Charm (i.e., when it is not a male-only, female-only, or genderless species), the chances of encountering a [[Shiny Pokémon]] differ from the usual 1/8192, depending on how many of the 25 possible values forced by Cute Charm result in a [[Shiny Pokémon]] (in conjunction with the [[Trainer ID number]] and [[Secret ID]]): they may be as low as 1/24546 (if none of the 25 values forced by Cute Charm result in Shiny Pokémon, so the Pokémon can only be Shiny if Cute Charm fails), or as high as 21.34% (if 8 out of the 25 values forced by Cute Charm result in Shiny Pokémon).
Additionally, {{p|Spinda}} whose gender has been forced by Cute Charm in Generation IV only have one of 50 patterns (25 for male, 25 for female).

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