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Black and White (song)

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In other languages
==In other languages==
|hr={{DL|List of Croatian Pokémon themes|Crno i Bijelobijelo}} <small>''Black and White''</small>
|cs={{DL|List of Czech Pokémon themes|Černý a bílý}} <small>''Black and white''</small>
|da={{DL|List of Danish Pokémon themes|Sort og Hvidt}} <small>''Black and White''</small>
|pt_br={{DL|List of Brazilian Portuguese Pokémon themes|Branco e Preto}} <small>''White and Black''</small>
|pt_eu={{DL|List of European Portuguese Pokémon themes|Preto e Branco}} <small>''Black and White''</small>
|ru={{DL|List of Russian Pokémon themes|Чёрный и Белыйбелый цвет}} <small>''Black and White colours''</small>
|sr={{DL|List of Serbian Pokémon themes|CrnoЦрно iи beloбело}} <small>''Black and White''</small>
|es_la={{DL|List of Latin American Pokémon themes|Blanco y Negro}} <small>''White and Black''</small>
|es_eu={{DL|List of European Spanish Pokémon themes|Blanco y Negro}} <small>''White and Black''</small>

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