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{{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} continue towards [[Goldenrod City]]. {{an|Brock}} reads his guide and informs everyone that the [[Onix Tunnel]], a mountain pass filled with {{p|Onix}}, is close by. {{an|Misty}} is worried about the Onix, but Ash assures her that his {{AP|Squirtle}} can handle them, only to remember that Squirtle is now with the [[Squirtle Squad]]. Misty replies that her {{t|Water}} Pokémon will do the job. With the sun setting, the group decides to wait until the morning to enter the tunnel. Unknowingly, {{an|Jigglypuff}} walks closely behind them, and {{TP|Madam Muchmoney|Snubbull}} follows closely behind.
A new morning arrives and {{TRT}} walk to the cave's entrance. {{MTR}} considers taking the mountain route instead, but he reluctantly takes the tunnel path with [[Jessie]] and [[James]]. The cave's eerie silence is broken by a trio of Onix. James calls out his {{TP|James|Victreebel}}. He orders Victreebel to use {{m|Razor Leaf}}, but the Onix don't seem affected by it. They reply by hitting their heads against the cave's walls and using {{m|Rock Throw}} to cause a rockslide. Jessie decides to send out {{TP|Jessie|Arbok}}, but it is quickly {{m|Bind}}ed by one of the Onix. After that, Jessie tosses Meowth at the Onix, but his {{m|Fury Swipes}} do nothing. The Onix reply by using another Rock Throw. Team Rocket rushes out of the tunnel. They gather their breaths before deciding to steal Misty's Water Pokémon in order to counter the Onix. {{TP|Jessie|Wobbuffet}} comespops out of his [[{{i|Poké Ball]]}}, but Jessie quickly recalls[[recall]]s him.
Meanwhile, Ash and his friends are just beginning their day. Ash sits by the campsite's river to wash his face, while Brock stretches with {{TP|Brock|Pineco}} and Misty scolds her {{TP|Misty|Psyduck}} for its habit of putting its hands on its head. Brock asks Pineco if it's ready to have some fun, and Pineco promptly {{m|Explosion|explodes}} in Brock’s arms. Ash notices a Snubbull walk by, and he instantly notices its red ribbons. Misty says that it's obviously the Snubbull that belongs to [[Madame Muchmoney]]. As the group wonder why she has run away from home, Snubbull rushes off. Ash and his friends pursue Snubbull, but soon lose her only to find themselves face-to-face with a familiar Jigglypuff. Before the group can flee, Jigglypuff jumps onto a tree stump and performs a {{m|Sing}}ing rendition which causes Ash and his friends to fall {{status|sleep|asleep}}. Team Rocket, who have disguised themselves as shrubs, and Snubbull, who was about to bite onto Meowth's tail, are also lulled to sleep.

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