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Pokémon Yellow Version

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Changes from Red, Green, and Blue
* [[Level]]-up learnsets and [[TM]] compatibility are altered slightly for certain Pokémon. {{p|Charizard}}, for example, can now learn {{m|Fly}} via [[HM02]].
* Support is added for the [[Game Boy Printer]].
* If the player does not have {{PDollar}}500, they can still enter the {{safari|Kanto}}. The player will have to pay any money they do have and will receive a number of [[Safari BallsBall]]s proportional to the amount paid (but at least one).
* {{m|Kinesis}} is given to {{p|Kadabra}} as its [[signature move]]. In the previous games, {{m|Kinesis}} was never used and the only way it might appear would be if randomly called by {{m|Metronome}}.
* A new mode, "Colosseum 2", was added to the [[Pokémon Center#Generation I|Cable Club]].

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