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Team Rocket, still in disguise as police officers, relieves the officers guarding the Lustrous Orb, but before they can sneak into the room, [[Officer Jenny]] leads Ash and co. down the hallway. Professor Carolina uses a key card and a palm scanner to open the room with the Lustrous Orb, where both Ash and Dawn examine the item, but feel nothing. This enrages Cyrus, who reveals that the Lustrous Orb may be directly connected to {{p|Arceus|the dawn of time}}. As Cyrus tries to coax more information out of Ash and Dawn, Mars sets off the explosives, causing a panic within the Research Center. Professor Carolina finds that the door to the room with the Lustrous Orb won't reseal. The security system of the Research Center is revealed to have been compromised, which leads Cynthia to suggest moving the Lustrous Orb. Ash volunteers to help protect the orb, and Officer Jenny recruits the in-disguise Team Rocket to help, as well.
Saturn and his Toxicroak lead a team of helicopters to the roof of the Research Center. Brock's Croagunk releases itself from its [[{{i|Poké Ball]]}} and heads down a hallway, causing Brock to chase after it while the rest of the group takes the Lustrous Orb to the main entrance way, where Saturn is waiting. Saturn reveals that his {{p|Bronzor}} has put everyone outside to sleep, while his Toxicroak has taken care of everyone inside. Toxicroak, however, is shown to be in a face-off with Croagunk, and Brock realizes that Croagunk had sensed Toxicroak's presence all along.
Saturn tries to use Bronzor's {{m|Hypnosis}} attack, but Cynthia sends her {{TP|Cynthia|Garchomp}} out to face it instead and it defeats it easily. As Officer Jenny and the others try to retreat, they find their path blocked by Mars. Just then, Croagunk falls through the skylight and lands hard on the ground. Toxicroak follows and hits Croagunk dead-on with a {{m|Poison Jab}}, knocking it out while Brock watches helplessly on from the roof. Cynthia tells Team Galactic that they'll never be allowed to escape with the Lustrous Orb and releases another Pokémon for battle.
* During the episode, in a one-second frame, an animation error takes place where [[Officer Jenny]] disappears as {{Ash}} moves in front of her.
* Croagunk's Japanese voice can be heard in one scene.
* After Team Galactic announces the completion of phase four, [[Cynthia's Garchomp]] is nowhere to be seen, despite having been called out of his {{balli|Poké Ball}} more than a minute before.
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