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Rotom Pokédex

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{{g|Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon}}
==={{g|Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon}}===
Unless shown below, quotes are identical to the ones shown in Sun and Moon.
:''"So many Trainers! Now's your chance to earn some prizzze money!"''
:''"I'll be at your service! Zzt!"''
=====Story quotes=====
;[[Hau'oli City]] Beachfront
* After being taught the proper greeting in [[Alola]]
:''"Hau'oli's so big! Let'zzz have a walk around! You'll be doing the walking, of course, but..."''
* After defeating Ilima
:''"Yay! You beat the captain! Don't stop now, kid. Keep moving while you got momentum! Zzzzrt!"''
* After Lillie wishes the player luck on their first trial
:''"C'mon, kid! Let's head to Route {{rt|2|Alola}}!"''
* After Tauros and Hala leave
:''"All done, zzt!"''
;{{rt|Route 2|Alola}}
* After the motel owner walks over to the beach
:''"Is that a beach over there?! Let'zzz go! Don't worry about me--I won't rust!"''
* After defeating the three Pokémon
:''"All you've got to do now is get your mittzzz on your first [[Z-Crystal]]! Zzzt!"''
* After clearing the trial
;[[Heahea Beach]]
:''"Here we are on Akala, {{tt|big boy|If the player is male}}/{{tt|clever girl|If the player is female}}! You know what that meanzzz? It meanzzz a new Akala {{color|F00|Island Pokédex}}, zzt! Try to find lotzzz of new Pokémon to fill it up!"''
:''"Come on, kiddo! We need to find the professor and Lillie in [[Heahea City]]!"''
;[[Heahea City]]
* After everyone leaves
:''"Let's have a wander around Heahea City, partner! Lot'zzz of sights to see!"''
* After battling [[Dexio]]{{sup/7|US}}/[[Sina]]{{sup/7|UM}}
:''"We should head to Route {{rt|4|Alola}}! There should be lotzzz of new Pokémon there to meet, and new townzzz to explore, too!"''
;[[Paniola Town]]
* After Hau leaves for [[Paniola Ranch]]
:''"Zzzm... The smell of thizzz area... It'zzz very distinct, don't you think?"''
;[[Paniola Ranch]]
* After [[Mallow]] registers {{p|Stoutland}} to the [[Ride Pager]]
:''"Let's go for a ride on Stoutland and have a sniff around here! Zzzt!"''
* After the player battles [[Gladion]]
:''"That Gladion… He’s kinda scary! Zzzzrrtt…"''
::'''You think?''': ''"He looked much stronger than the normal [[Team Skull Grunt]]zzz… Zzzrt-zzzrt-zzzt…"''
::'''Yeah, he is''': ''"Zzzt… I prefer nice people!"''
:''"Let’zzz see… The next trial is at [[Brooklet Hill]]! Don’t forget to check the map if you get lost!"''
;[[Brooklet Hill]]
* After [[Lana]] starts the trial and registers {{p|Lapras}} to the Ride Pager
:''"So the water trial izzz chasing down {{p|Wishiwashi}} while riding Lapras? Piece of cake!"''
* After helping [[Hapu]] defeat the Team Skull Grunts
:''"[[Royal Avenue]]?! I wonder what kind of place it is?"''
;Konikoni City
* After reading Olivia’s note
:''"I’ve marked the [[Ruins of Life|Ruinzzz of Life]] on my map! I’d say we should do some shopping now. I don’t think there will be shopzzz out there!
;[[Memorial Hill]]
:''"Bzzzt-zzzt… That lady was super strong…"''
;[[Ruins of Life]]
* If the player tells Olivia they're not ready yet
:''"So, Olivia, the island kahuna! D’you think she’ll be azzz powerful as Hala?
;Mount Hokulani
* After Professor Kukui announces the [[Pokémon League (Alola)|Pokémon League]]:
:''"The Pokémon League! It sounds so cool! I bet you want to check it out, too, right? Zzrt?"''
::'''I'd love the challenge!''': ''"I bet you could become the best Trainer in all of Alola, <player>! Truzzzt me!"''
::'''Not sure if I can handle it...''': ''"Oooh I see... You're scared of becoming the [[Champion]], bzzzzt?"''
:''"But first, we need to finish the island challenge! Onward to [[Hokulani Obzzzervatory]]! Bzzzzt!"''
* After talking to [[Molayne]]:
:''"I wonder what kind of trial awaitzzz us at the Hokulani Observatory? Are you ready, partner?"''
;[[Hokulani Observatory]]
* After [[Sophocles]] tells the player to gather the {{p|Charjabug}}:
:''"So we have to find all the Charjabug? Did you see how many there were?! Tzzzrt!"''
;Malie Garden
* After defeating [[Guzma]]
:''"I thought Guzma was going to bust me up, too! What a bully... Well, let'zzz not dwell on it! C'mon, kid, we've got Route {{rt|11|Alola}} to explore!"''
;Route 11
:''"So many Trainers! Now's your chance to earn some prizzze money!"''
:''"I'll be at your service! Zzt!"''
* After the Trial Guide opens the gate
:''"Route 12! Think you can catch all the Pokémon here, buddy?"''
* After Hapu registers {{p|Mudsdale}} Gallop in the Ride Pager
:''"Let'zzz go for a wild romp on the Mudsdale Hapu gave us!"''
;[[Tapu Village]]
* After [[Dulse]] and [[Zossie]]{{sup/7|US}}/[[Phyco]] and [[Soliera]]{{sup/7|UM}} leave
:''"That mysteriouzzz duo again...What's with all that about light being stolen? Reminds me of what happened in front of the professor's laboratory."''
;[[Aether House]]
* After [[Acerola]] reveals she's the Trial Captain
:''"Here I thought the Aether House would be a quiet place... Boy, wazzz I wrong!"''
;Aether House
* After the player is directed to [[Po Town]]
:''"Bzzt-zzt-zzt... Those Team Skull goons are more terrifying than Ghost-{{type|Ghost}} Pokémon..."''
;Route 15
* After [[Grimsley]] registers {{p|Sharpedo}} Jet in the Ride Pager
:''"I...I guess we don't have a choizzze... We need to head to Po Town on Sharpedo's back!"''
;Po Town
* After Acerola and [[Nanu]] leave
:''"Good job rescuing that {{p|Yungoos}} , kiddo! C'mon, let'zzz head back to the Aether House!"''
=====Progress quotes=====

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