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Ash Ketchum

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|main=Ultra Beasts (anime)
|epname=A Mission of Ultra Urgency!
|vaen=Billy Bob Thompson
|desc={{p|Buzzwole}} entered [[Alola]] through an [[Ultra Wormhole]] at [[Melemele Meadow]], prompting the [[Ultra Guardians]] to embark on their first mission. They chased the Swollen Pokémon to [[Mahalo Trail]], where it was eventually caught by Ash. It was then brought back to Melemele Meadow, allowing it to return back home through a new wormhole opened by [[Professor Burnet]].}}
None of Buzzwole's moves are known.}}
|main=Ultra Beasts (anime)
|epname=The Long Vault Home!
|vaen=Daniel J. Edwards
|desc={{p|Stakataka}} entered Alola through an Ultra Wormhole at the [[Pokémon School]]. The initial attempts by the Ultra Guardians to catch it failed due to it managing to avoid all of their Beast Balls, and during the following night, it moved to a construction site owned by [[Viren]], where it was mistaken for a pedestal for a statue of Viren. Once the statue was placed on top of it, Stakataka became angry and started rampaging around until Ash removed the statue. Stakataka then let itself be caught by Ash upon learning that he was doing it only to make sure it would get back home. Later, back at the Pokémon School, Stakataka was safely returned to its home dimension through an Ultra Wormhole.}}
None of Stakataka's moves are known.}}
|main=Ultra Beasts (anime)
|desc={{p|Pheromosa}} entered [[Alola]] through an Ultra Wormhole and began attacking Trainers who possessed [[Z-Crystal]]s, stealing the Z-Crystals afterwards. {{MTR}} fell in love with Pheromosa and thwarted several attempts by the Ultra Guardians to catch it. Pheromosa was eventually defeated by {{an|Bewear}}, allowing Pheromosa to be caught and returned home.}}
None of Pheromosa's moves are known.}}

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