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Regice (Pokémon)

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** It also has the highest base Special Defense stat of all {{type|Ice}} Pokémon.
** It is also tied with {{p|Regirock}} for the highest single base stat of any Legendary Pokémon with its 200 Special Defense. Regirock's is its {{stat|Defense}}.
* In international {{3v2|Ruby|Sapphire|Emerald}}, there is an unobtainable Regice Doll programmed into the game. It maywas haveunlockable beenwith intendedthe toJapan-exclusive be''Regi-Dolls obtainedDecoration with theset'' [[e-Reader]] card.
* Regice shares its {{pkmn|category}} with {{p|Avalugg}}. They are both known as the Iceberg Pokémon.

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