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Pokémon Black and White Versions

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DSi features
{{search|[[Generation V]] {{pkmn|games}}|other uses|Black and White}}
{{Infobox game |colorscheme=black|bordercolorscheme=white
|name=<span style="color:#fff;">Pokémon Black Version</span>
* The user-facing camera can be used during [[Xtransceiver]] communications with other players.
* The [[C-Gear]] shows the system power using three bars in a battery icon, rather than two on older Nintendo DS systems.
* PokémonThe Blackgame andicon White'sis game icon,animated when viewed inon the Nintendo DSi or 3DS' home screen, is animated; thescreen—the [[Poké Ball]] inside the game's icon wiggles.
* Japanese versions of Pokémon Black and White are region-locked;, itso can only be played on Japanese-region [[Nintendo DSi]] and [[Nintendo 3DS]] systems. They can,; however, bebecause freelythe played[[Nintendo onDS]] olderand [[Nintendo DS Lite|DS Lite]] do not support region-locking, they can be played on these systems fromregardless anyof region. The Korean and Western language releases, on the other hand, are not region-locked, andso can therefore be played on any compatible Nintendo DS or 3DS system fromregardless anyof region.
Pokémon Black EN logo.png|English Pokémon Black logo
Pokémon White EN logo.png|English Pokémon White logo
Black Title.png|Japanese Pokémon Black logo
Pokemon White Logo JP.png|Japanese Pokémon White logo
Pokémon Black KO logo.png|Korean Pokémon Black logo
Pokémon White KO logo.png|Korean Pokémon White logo
===Title screens===
File:BlackTitle.png|English Pokémon Black title screen
File:WhiteTitle.png|English Pokémon White title screen
File:Japanese BlackTitle.png|Japanese Pokémon Black title screen
File:Japanese WhiteTitle.png|Japanese Pokémon White title screen
* These are the only [[core series]] {{pkmn|games}} to be available in Europe before the United States, being released 2 days earlier. However, these are not the only Pokémon titles in general, as this was also the case with the spin-off games [[Pokémon Dash]] and [[PokéPark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure]].
* These are the only core series games in which the region's {{pkmn|Champion}} is not the final boss before the [[credits]].
* Due to the DSi-enhanced cartridges being black in color, Pokémon Black is technically the first Pokémon game since {{v2game|Emerald}} to have its cartridge match the color of the game.
* Both the English/European language and Japanese logos of Black and White feature white and black borders, respectively, to represent {{p|Reshiram}} and {{p|Zekrom}} (who are the opposite color from the game they are featured in). The sequels' logos feature black and white borders matching the game version, the legendary mascot ([[List of Pokémon with form differences#Kyurem|Black]] or [[List of Pokémon with form differences#Kyurem|White]] {{p|Kyurem}}), and the rest of the logo.
* These are the only core series games to receive [[Pokémon Black and White Versions 2|a direct sequel]] pair.
* Pokémon Black and White are the only Pokémon games that doin notwhich have anyno Pokémon from previous generations appear in theirthe regional PokédexesPokédex.
* The slogan used in the commercials for these games is "Start From a New Beginning".
* Based on its slogan, the lack of connections to other generations, and beginning the trend of regions being inspired by real-life locations outside of Japan, Pokémon Black and White could be viewed as an attempt to reboot the Pokémon franchise.
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