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Dawn's Togekiss

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==={{series|Diamond & Pearl}}===
[[File:Dawn and Togekiss.png|thumb|left|250px|Togekiss and Dawn]]
====With Princess Salvia====
Togekiss originally belonged to [[Princess Salvia]], a [[doppelgänger]] of Dawn who appeared in ''[[DP171|Dawn of a Royal Day!]]'', and who wished to compete in a [[Pokémon Contest]] to see what it was like. As the two had a near-identical appearance, they switched lives for a short time, with Dawn secretly becoming Salvia and Salvia, dressed as Dawn, using Togekiss in the [[Arrowroot Town]] Contest. Doing very well for her first Contest, Salvia managed to win the Contest but gave the awarded Ribbon to her opponent, [[Jessie|Jessilina]], instead, as Dawn already had the required Ribbons for entry into the [[Sinnoh Grand Festival|Grand Festival]]. To allow her to continue competing in Contests, Salvia gave Togekiss to Dawn.
[[File:Togekiss Motherly.png|thumb|250px|Togekiss being motherly]]
Being raised by [[Princess Salvia]], Togekiss was brought up much like she was, always being poised and graceful above all else. Initially, this hampered Dawn's ability to battle with her effectively as she would try to make her attacks as graceful as possible before launching them. Over time, however, Dawn compromised her battle style to fit Togekiss's with great results.
[[File:Dawn and Togekiss.png|thumb|left|250px|Togekiss and Dawn]]
Togekiss was shown to be a mother figure to the main character's Pokémon most notably being [[Ash's Gible]] and [[Dawn's Piplup]], shielding Piplup from harm or comforting him when he was sad or frightened. She would also scold Gible often for not having better control of his then imperfected {{m|Draco Meteor}} and getting Piplup hurt as a result.

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