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Rotom Pokédex

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In [[Pokémon Sun and Moon]], the Rotom Pokédex appears on the bottom screen, displaying a map of the area the [[{{player]]}} is currently in. By tapping the screen, the player can access a variety of functions:
* When the player taps the center of the map, Rotom repeats its most recent suggestion on where to go next.
* When the player taps the map outside the center, the full map function opens, acting in a similar way to the [[Town Map]] in previous games.
When the Rotom Pokédex is idle, the screen usually shows a map. In this view, the map stays centered on the [[{{player]]}}'s immediate area. The player's location is marked by a smiley face icon, with an arrow indicating the direction the player is facing. If the player is inside a building or certain locations (such as [[Ten Carat Hill]]), however, the map will remain stationary no matter where the player moves and will not display a directional arrow. During the main story, a red flag may also appear, indicating a place the player is supposed to go.
If the player taps the map, the screen's view broadens to show a larger map akin to [[Town Map]]s in other games. In this broader view, the top screen shows an overview of the whole [[Alola]] region, while the bottom screen focuses on an individual island. If the player moves the map's cursor over different areas on the island, the top screen will show a snapshot of the area, a description of the area, and a list of landmarks within it. The player can scroll between the islands using the L and R Buttons and can zoom in using the Y Button. This view also marks the location of any [[Pokémon Center]] the player has visited with an icon.

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