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==Nuvema Town==
When you walk downstairs from your room, you meet your mom's "twin". The mystery guest takes off the disguise and introduces himself by his code name, [[Looker]], a member of the International Police. Thanks to you and the {{DL|Gym Leader|Unova League|Gym Leaders}}, [[Team Plasma]] has fallen, but the [[Seven Sages]] are still at large. He asks you to help track them down, and gives you an item which has nothing to do with your search, the {{DL|Fishing|[[Super Rod}}]], as thanks. Fish wherever you can to find not only stronger Pokémon, but also species foreign to the region.
Outside, [[Bianca]] and [[Cheren]] are waiting for you. Bianca apologizes for not alerting the Striaton Gym Leaders in time, and Cheren tells you that [[Ghetsis]] escaped from custody thanks to the [[Shadow Triad]]. He asks what everyone plans to do now, and Bianca says that she's headed to the settlement east of [[Nimbasa City]]. As the three of you discuss your plans, [[Cedric Juniper]] leaves the lab. He says that he just acquired new data from an acquaintance, and upgrades everyone's [[Pokédex]] with the National Mode! Everyone goes their separate ways, leaving you free to start hunting for the sages.

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