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Trevenant (Pokémon)

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Trevenant is a ghostly Pokémon resembling a slender brown tree. thatIts standsshadowy onblack sixbody rootsis bentvisible likethrough spidergaps Itsthe innertree, bodyand isa madesingle, upred ofeye blackis shadow,visible whichthrough isa mostlyhole coverednear bythe tree barktop. There areis twoa largewavy, crooked horn-like gnarlsbranch on either side of its head, <!--both featuringdotted with small, thornsgreen leaves, -->and anothera smaller gnarlbranch on its forehead,. withOn a tufttop of greenits leaveshead in the middle andis a large,cluster menacingof dark-redgreen eyeleaves. belowIt them. Itshas two arms arewith heldgnarled horizontallybranches level,similar thinto upperits armshorns andon thickthe forearms,elbows. likeAround theits body,wrists isare made upcuffs of blackgreen shadowleaves coveredand with tree bark. Each upper armit has athree singleclaw-like smallfingers spikeon oreach leafhand. The forearms have a small branch immediately before a large cuffInstead of greenlegs, foliageit athas thesix wrist,roots connectedsimilar to handsa withspider’s three wooden pincer spikes for fingerslegs.
Trevenant can usecontrol other trees by using its roots as a nervous system, allowing it to control trees at will. It uses this ability to trap thosepeople who bring harm to theits forest, soand theywill cancurse neverpeople leave.who Despitecut itsdown terrifying appearance andtrees. powerHowever, it is knownvery kind to beforest-dwelling kindcreatures toward theand Pokémon that nestreside in its body. Along with its pre-evolution {{p|Phantump}}, Trevenant is the [[Signature move|only known Pokémon]] capable of learning {{m|Forest's Curse}}.
capable of learning {{m|Forest's Curse}}.
==In the anime==

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