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Mythical Pokémon

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In spite of being included in the preceding games, {{game|Ruby and Sapphire|s}}, Deoxys was first made available in {{game|FireRed and LeafGreen|s}}. Officially revealed in late 2003 as a leading character in ''[[M07|Destiny Deoxys]]'', players were first able to capture Deoxys by use of the {{DL|Event item|Aurora Ticket}}, which provided access to Birth Island, where it appears in-game.
While Deoxys originally had little impact on the story of [[Generation III]], {{pkmn|Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire}} introduced the [[Delta Episode]], a mission following the {{player}}'s first completion of the [[Hoenn League]] in which the player must stop a meteor from hitting the planet by destroying it with a befriended {{p|Rayquaza}}, revealing a Deoxys within that, if defeated, would reappear on the [[Sky Pillar]] after the player defeated the Elite Four. This marked the first time a Mythical Pokémon was available in-game without the need to attend an event or use a download code.
Contrary to its classification in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, [ Poké] as well as the [[Scholastic]] book ''[[Official Guide to Legendary and Mythical Pokémon]]'' call Deoxys a Legendary Pokémon rather than a Mythical Pokémon.
===Generation IV===
Four Mythical Pokémon were introduced in [[Generation IV]] (five including {{p|Phione}}).

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