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I watched the episode. It wasn't a mind control device, it was a weapon. (Besides, why would Malamar need a mind control device when it can already hypotize others without it?
In the observatory halls, Ash's group splits up, Clemont with his sister and {{an|Serena}} with Ash. Clemont and Bonnie are met with Malamar, who brainwashes them. They find Ash and Serena, who realize that the siblings are being manipulated. Malamar appears behind them and shines the brainwashing light over them, and they are unable to run. being blocked by Bonnie and Clemont. Ash asks Meowth to use Fury Swipes on him, to which Meowth complies, using the attack on both himself and Ash. However, Serena, not wanting her face to be scratched up, is brainwashed. Meowth cuts down a hanging planet model from the ceiling, which stalls Malamar, allowing him and Ash to escape. The pair arrive at an observation chamber and are greeted by Madame X, who makes Pikachu use {{m|Thunderbolt}} on Ash, and attacks him again and again. Ash is determined to get through to his partner, but the situation grows more dire as the Pokémon corps are revealed, consisting of a {{p|Beedrill}}, {{p|Noivern}}, {{p|Pangoro}}, {{p|Scolipede}}, and {{p|Exploud}}.
Pikachu electrocutes Ash continuously, forcing Ash to his knees, but he, in the midst of the electricity, tries to communicate with Pikachu. As Ash tells Pikachu that he believes in him, Pikachu hesitates in his attack. Outside the observatory, Clemont's machine awakes and rushes off towards the observatory. It comes into the observation chamber and crashes into Malamar as it bursts into flames, and Madame X screams and falls at her defeat. All the brainwashed people and Pokémon return to normal, including Pikachu and the Pokémon corps. Madame X's cloak falls off, and reveals her to be Officer Jenny, who had been brainwashed by Malamar, who appears behind her. The gang realizes that Malamar tricked them into believing that Madame X is a real person by using Officer Jenny as its pawn. They also learned that everything Malamar said about Madame X's goal of taking over the world was a lie. Meowth translates for Malamar, who hopes to restructure the world under its command using a mind control machineweapon. Angered at Malamar's lies and dishonesty, James and Ash send Inkay and Pikachu to attack Malamar, but it escapes.
The group runs after it, finding it in a room full of strange vines and spikes, the mind controlweaponized machine. Malamar decides to abandon the place since it was originally owned by humans, and makes it explode, forcing the humans to take shelter. The humans, their Pokémon, and the Pokémon corps escape outside as the observatory explodes behind them. They watch as Malamar flies off into the sky, and wonder what its grand plan was.
Later, Team Rocket, embarrassed at the day's events, relax on the forest rocks. Meowth remembers that Malamar is the evolved form of Inkay, and as the rest of the team look at it with fear, Inkay winks and laughs nervously.

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