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List of clothing in the anime

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Sun & Moon series
====''Sun & Moon'' series====
[[File:Ash_SM.png|thumb|left|120px|Ash's sixth outfit, with his original Z-Ring]]
This outfit is almost identical to the outfit worn by {{ga|Elio}} in {{g|Sun and Moon}}, with the coloring of the shirt being inverted and the hat being recolored from black to red, in keeping with the usual color scheme of Ash's head wear. This outfit deviates from Ash's previous styles in many ways; Ash no longer wears jeans, instead wearing ribbed capri shorts with a red border, he now wears only a t-shirt with no jacket or hoodie over the top, and he no longer wears gloves and socks. His shoes are blue and are modeled after those worn by people to stand in water. His backpack, shorts, and shoes are all identical to Elio's.

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