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{{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} arrive in a small town by sunset and attempt to find a [[Pokémon Center]]. The group spots a local woman, but {{an|Brock}} develops a crush on aher localand woman,overwhelms buther with his dinner reservation offer. {{an|Misty}} quickly pulls himBrock away. BrockThe laterwoman goesadmits that the nearest Pokémon Center is ten miles away, and as it is getting late the group decides to acamp parkout in ordera tolocal park. As Brock fillfills up a pot with water., Aa {{p|Nidorina}} comesrushes byover forto athe drink,same followedfountain byfor a drink. A frantic girl follows after it, whothough she trips and nearlybegins falls into theto fountainfall. HoweverBrock, Brockhowever, catches her before she falls in, causing her to fall in love with him instantly. Brock is confused and intimidated by the stranger's sudden affection. MistyTemacu noticesgoes thison andto pullsexplain himthat outher toname havecomes from a littlecombination talkof with{{p|Teddiursa}}, him{{p|Mareep)) and {{p|Cubone}}. She findsgives outBrock thathis Brockown hascombination noname actualto datingcapture experiencehis personality; "Exeggbracloy" from {{p|Exeggcute}}, {{p|Abra}} and has{{p|Cloyster}}. noTemacu ideaadmits whatthat she is more than happy to dotake Brock's last name and goes on to fantasize about their future wedding. ComingAsh backis surprised by Temacu's affection, theand girlMisty invitesmentions themthat toshe herwill housesomeday marry Ash, wherewhich shocks him even more. [[Temacu's father|her father]] isarrives alsoat waiting.the Shepark alsoto introducescollect herselfhis asdaughter, and at her request Brock and his friends are invited to stay over. [[Temacu]] grabs Brock by the hand and runs ahead with him.
Temacu takes them for a walk around her house, talking about her Nidorina, {{p|Nidorino}}, and some of the family's other Pokémon. JustLater then,Temacu {{TRT}}cooks arrivesdinner andfor capturesthe Nidorina, Nidorino, {{AP|Pikachu}}group, and theafterwards otherthey Pokémon. [[James]] sendsventure out {{TP|James|Weezing}}onto toher usebalcony {{m|Smokescreen}}, and they try to takefor offtea. EveryoneMisty triesnotices toBrock’s find the threediscomfort, whileand Temacushe triesasks tohim findhow Brockit andfeels endsfor up getting caught in some ropeonce. MistyShe sendsgoes out {{TP|Misty|Poliwhirl}}on to useinform {{m|Bubble}}Temacu tothat getBrock ridcan ofdo themost smoke.domestic Surprisinglyduties, theand stolenthis Pokémononly are there, butimpresses Temacu andmore. TeamMisty Rocketpulls areBrock gone.away Meanwhile,to Jessiehave anda Jameslittle realizetalk theywith actually kidnapped Temacuhim. TemacuShe losesfinds herout balancethat andBrock falls,has butno Jamesactual catchesdating herexperience inand time.has Thisno causesidea Temacuwhat to fall in love with James the same way she did for Brockdo. JamesMisty is intimidatedrather byblunt herwith affectionsBrock and Jessieclarifies suggeststhat abandoningTemacu her,is butthe theyonly then realizegirl that Temacuactually islikes aBrock, daughterdeclaring ofit ahis Pokémonlast Professor,chance meaningin thelove. trioThis mayfrightens haveBrock, abut chancehe toaccepts steal some moreMisty's Pokémonadvice.
The following day, Temacu's father sendsshows outthe agroup search party to a nearby forest, consistingmore of ahis half-dozen people along withlaboratory's Ashgrounds, Misty,admitting andhas Brock.plans Ashto callsexpand outhis {{AP|Noctowl}}capacity to do100 anPokémon. aerialTemacu search;suggests itBrock sooncould findsbe [[Transportationher in the Pokémon world|Team Rocketfather's balloon]]new hoveringassistant, aroundthough andBrock reportsis back.unsure Meanwhile,of athe disguisedidea. JessieMisty andtakes JamesBrock returnaside, Temacubut toBrock heradmits father,that andit Jessiewould claimsbe thebetter trioif defeatedboth thepeople realliked kidnapperseach to save Temacuother. JessieAs andMisty Meowthscolds thenBrock, sneakTemacu off to find the Pokémon they accidentally leftappears behind, and soon discover a roomhim with ayet shelfanother fulltoken of [[Pokéher Ball]]saffection. However,She Temacu'spresents fatherhim interrupts,with tellinghis themown {{p|Nidorino}} that Temacuwould cookedmake themthe aperfect meal,partner whichfor Jessieher andown Meowth acceptNidorina. JamesAs isthe alreadypair inof thePokémon diningcuddle room,up havingto noeach ideaother, howTemacu tois dealromantically withinspired Temacu'sand affectionleans forcloser himto Brock.
AshJust findsthen, the{{TRT}} balloonarrives and hascaptures NoctowlNidorina, putNidorino, a hole in it{{AP|Pikachu}}, butand findsthe thatother itPokémon is ain decoynets. They[[Jessie]] latersends returnout toher the{{TP|Jessie|Arbok}}, housebut andit findis Teamquickly Rocket.sent Brock,flying whobackwards by thisa time{{m|Water hadGun}} startedfrom to[[Ash's developTotodile]]. feelings[[James]] foris Temacu,keen isfor heartbrokento escape, whenso he findsorders out that{{TP|James|Weezing}} sheto hasuse fallen{{m|Smokescreen}}. forEveryone Jamestries Ashfind andthe Mistymissing exposePokémon. As Team Rocket pull in their nets, promptingTemacu trips over the trioconnected torope fleeand falls. AshMisty sendscalls outon her {{APTP|ChikoritaMisty|Poliwhirl}}, who defeats Jessie's Arbokassistance. JamesIt thenuses sends out Weezing{{m|Bubble}} to useget Smokescreen,rid butof Mistythe sendssmoke. out PoliwhirlSurprisingly, whothe usesstolen aPokémon combinationare ofthere, Bubblebut Temacu and {{m|WaterTeam Gun}}Rocket are gone. JamesMeanwhile, getsJessie inand theJames wayland ofsome thedistance shot,away butand Temacuthen pushesrealize Jamesthey asideactually inkidnapped timeTemacu. andTemacu getsloses hither insteadbalance, knockingbut James catches her outin time. BrockThis goescauses upTemacu to herfall toin seelove ifwith James the same way she isdid alrightfor Brock. InShe gives James the meantimenickname "Madewvusu", Chikoritaa usescombination of {{p|Magikarp}}, {{p|Dewgong}}, {{m|VineVulpix}} Whipand {{m|Sudowoodo}}, to tosscapture Arbokhis andpersonality. WeezingJames intois Jessieintimidated andby James.her Mistyaffections, giving him horrible flashbacks to his fiancé [[Jessebelle]], and AshJessie suggests abandoning her. They then blastrealize themthat offTemacu withis Poliwhirl'sa Waterdaughter Gunof anda Pikachu'sPokémon {{m|Thunderbolt}}Professor, meaning the trio may have a chance to steal some more Pokémon.
Temacu's laterfather wakessends upout anda fallssearch inparty loveinto witha thenearby doctorforest, whoconsisting aidedof hera half-dozen people along with Ash, shockingMisty, and Brock. Ash calls out {{AP|Noctowl}} to do an aerial search; it soon finds Team Rocket's balloon hovering around and oncereports againback. HerMeanwhile, fathera explains[[List thatof sheTeam recentlyRocket’s sawdisguises|disguised Jessie and James]] return Temacu to her cousinfather, getand marriedJessie claims the trio defeated the real kidnappers to save Temacu. Temacu's father is grateful to have his daughter returned and becamehaving obsessedbeen withfooled gettingby marriedTeam Rocket’s story, he welcomes them into the herselfmansion. AshJessie and hisMeowth then friendssneak leaveoff to continuefind theirthe Pokémon they accidentally left journeybehind, butand Brocksoon isdiscover stilla heartbrokenroom with a shelf full of [[Poké Ball]]s. MistyHowever, Temacu's assurancefather instantlyinterrupts, cheerstelling Brockthem up,that Temacu cooked them a howevermeal, which Jessie and he{{MTR}} looksaccept. forwardJessie puts her loot bag down at her feet and begins to theeat. meetingJames is already in the rightdining room, having no idea how to deal with Temacu's affection girlfor somewherehim.
Ash spots the Rocket balloon flying overheadand has Noctowl put a hole in it, but it turns out to be a decoy. One of the searchers informs the group that Temacu is back, so they return to the mansion. Inside, they find Team Rocket dining with Temacu and her father. Brock, who by this time had started to develop feelings for Temacu, is heartbroken when he finds out that she has fallen for James instead. Misty inspects Jessie closely and removes her disguise glasses, she then exposes Team Rocket. As they prepare to flee, the loot bag of Poke Balls falls over, revealing the stolen goods. Jessie and her teammates rush outside, though Ash's group gives chase. Ash sends out {{AP|Chikorita}}, who defeats Jessie's Arbok with a single {{m|Tackle}} attack. James then sends out Weezing to use Smokescreen, but Misty sends out Poliwhirl, who uses Bubble to hit it. Chikorita follows up with a {{m|Razor Leaf}}, sending Weezing flying backwards. As James prepares to attack, Temacu intervenes and has her Nidorina attack Poliwhirl. Misty is irritated and orders a {{m|Water Gun}} attack. Weezing dodges it, and as James is about to be hit, Temacu pushes him aside and takes the attack instead. Temacu falls to the ground from the force. Brock rushes over to check to she if she is alright. In the meantime, Chikorita uses {{m|Vine Whip}} to toss Arbok and Weezing into Jessie and James. Misty and Ash then blast them off with a combination of Poliwhirl's Water Gun and Pikachu's {{m|Thunderbolt}}.
As Temacu is being treated at her bedside, her father reveals that she has been obsessed with marriage ever since she attended her cousin's wedding. Brock officially declares that he now loves Temacu and wishes to be with her. Suddenly Temacu wakes up and falls in love with her doctor. Unlike Brock and James, the doctor accepts Temacu's affections straight away and instantly proposes to her. Ash and his friends leave to continue their journey, but Brock is still heartbroken. Misty's assurance instantly cheers Brock up, however, and he looks forward to the meeting the right girl somewhere.
==Major events==

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