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Nihei was first mentioned by Sanpei in ''[[XY017|A Rush of Ninja Wisdom!]]'', and was seen only in a fantasy.
Nihei madephysically his first physical appearancedebuted in ''[[XY099|The Legend of the Ninja Hero!]]'', where he was making preparations for the festival. He then welcomed Sanpei, when he returned to the village, accompanied by {{Ash}} and his {{ashfr}}. He then had [[Pokémon battle]] with Sanpei and managed to win rather easily.
Later, he and Ippei met Sanpei, Ash, and his friends in the temple dedicated to the village's heroes, where Ippei told them about the legend of the Pokémon that had protected the village once, when a battle between ninjas took place, and showed them the leader of the heroes, a {{p|Greninja}}.
When the village gotwas attacked by a ninja army, Nihei and Ippei sent Sanpei, went to face them. After discovering that {{kal|Hanzo}}, the village's chief, had been captured, Nihei joined the others to hear [[Saizo]] tell about [[Kagetomo]]. After discovering Hanzo's location, [[Otori Mountain]], everyone decide to head there and save him.
Upon arriving at Otori Mountain, the group got attacked by [[Heidayu]] and the ninja army. Nihei used his {{p|Venusaur}} to battle the ninja army, alongside {{an|Serena}}, {{an|Clemont}} and [[Shinobu]]. They eventually managed beat them, while Ippei defeated Kagetomo and saved Hanzo.

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