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'''Pikala''' (Japanese: '''ピカーラ''' ''Pikala'') is a [[recurring character ofwho the day]] whofirst appeared in ''[[SM091|A Plethora of Pikachu!]]''. She is a [[Pokémon Trainer]] who lives in [[Pikachu Valley]] with all of her {{p|Pikachu}}.
Pikala is a slightly eccentric woman who loves Pikachu. She even dresses up in a Pikachu outfit and puts "Pika" into all of her sentences, referring to this manner of speech as "Pika-speak". She also has the ability to know which [[region]] a Pikachu comes from by touching their fur.
Pikala first appeared in ''[[SM091|A Plethora of Pikachu!]]'', where she met {{Ash}}, {{an|Kiawe}}, and [[Mimo]] when they visited Pikachu Valley. She gave them Pikachu ears and tails to wear and called them '''Pikash''' (Japanese: '''サトピ''' ''Satopi''), '''Pikawe''' (Japanese: '''カピ''' ''Kapi''), and '''Pikamo''' (Japanese: '''ホピ''' ''Hopi''), respectively. Later, when {{TRT}} attempted to steal all of the Pikachu, Pikala, with the help of her {{Shiny}} Pikachu, [[nickname]]d Boss, sent the trio blasting off using {{m|Catastropika}}.
She appeared again during a flashback in [[SM114]], where she was shown having her [[Pikanium Z]] stolen by a {{p|Pheromosa}}.
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