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Rinka and Kenichi

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[[File:Rinka and Kenichi.png|thumb|250px|Rinka and Kenichi]]
(Japanese: '''凜香リンカ''' ''Rinka'') and (Japanese: '''健一ケンイチ''' ''Kenichi'') are [[character of the day|characters of the day]] who appeared in [[SM113]].
Rinka and Kenichi are producer assistants working for Alola TV under [[George Charanpino]]. As George was at a television set talking to {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}}, Rinka and Kenichi came up to him. They informed him that the lead actors of the television show (Japanese: '''サンサン三人はアローラドリンキュン''' ''The Sparkling Trio is Alola DrinKyun'') would not be able to make it to the television studio because their plane had been caught in a blizzard. This caused Rinka and Kenichi to panic and ask George for advice on how to make sure the program would still air. George then decided to cast {{an|Lana}}, {{an|Lillie}} and {{an|Mallow}} for one episode.
* Rinka and Kenichi are named and designed after their voice actors, Rinka OtaniŌtani and Hyadain (whose real name is {{wp|Kenichi Maeyamada}}).
==Voice actors==
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|ja='''Rinka''': 大谷凜香 ''Rinka OtaniŌtani''<br>'''Kenichi''': ヒャダイン ''Hyadain''

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