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Captain Aidan

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'''Captain Aidan''' (Japanese: '''ラッセル''' ''Russell'') is a recurring character in the [[Pokémon anime]]. He is a commanding firefighter commander stationed on [[Ascorbia Island]], where he leads [[Team Wartortle]] in rescue efforts.
Captain Aidan first appeareddebuted in ''[[EP106|The Pokémon Water War]]''. He drove onto the scene of a warehouse fire and had [[Team Wartortle]] put it out a warehouse fire. Captain Aidan alsoHe noticed {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}}' efforts to help out and invited them over to the fire station for some training. [[Ash's Squirtle]] quickly developed a rivalry with the leader of Team Wartortle, and went on to compete against them in a series of training exercises. {{TRT}} later stole Ash's Squirtle, {{AP|Pikachu}}, and Team Wartortle just as an apartment complex fire broke out. {{an|Misty}} left on foot to fight the fire while [[Tracey's Venonat]] led Captain Aidan and the others to Team Rocket's cabin hideout. Captain Aidan and Ash were able to recover the stolen Pokemon and send Team Rocket flying before rushing over to the apartment scene and putting the fire out.
In ''[[EP147|The Fire-ing Squad!]]'', heCaptain Aidan cametraveled to [[Johto]] with Team Wartortle to compete in the [[Fire and Rescue Grand Prix]]. He and Team Wartortle were the defending champions, and Aidan also managed to convince the event management team to allow Ash to enter on short notice. The captainhe and his team made it all the way to the finals again, only to be defeated by [[Officer Jenny]] and the [[Squirtle Squad]], with help of the Squad's former leader, [[Ash's own Squirtle]].
Captain Aidan enjoys his line of work, namely because he gets to help people. He carries around a whistle to give [[Team Wartortle]] instructions during training and in live rescue situations. TheCaptain captain is diligent in his response and he remains calm under pressure. HeAidan is also competitive and his ambitious streak leads him to push his Pokémon to perform and improve their personal bests.

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