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Ash's Melmetal

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As a wild Pokémon: Ash isn't an "it"
===As a wild Pokémon===
Meltan first appeared in [[SM111]], where it was seen arriving on [[Melemele Island]] along with a large group of {{DL|Recurring wild Pokémon in the anime|Meltan}}. Whilst investigating the sewers, the Meltan became seperated from each other and this Meltan ended up at the [[Ultra Guardians]] base beneath the [[Pokémon School]], where they encountered [[Lusamine's Clefable]]. The Meltan all ended up at the Pokémon School where they encountered {{Ash}} and {{ashcl}}. The other Meltan all scattered except for this one where it came across [[Ash's Rowlet]]. Meltan lost its Nut Head which Rowlet saved from a {{p|Murkrow}} and Rowlet invited Meltan into Ash's backpack, which resulted in Ash unknowingly taking Meltan home with ithim.
In [[SM112|the next episode]], its nut head was stolen by another Murkrow which landed in the van belonging to {{TRT}}. Rowlet tried to help find a replacement with little success. After finding the van, [[James]] who wasn't happy on seeing Meltan when a group of them had eaten his bottle cap collection and had {{MTR}} attack Meltan. Rowlet protected Meltan, and when it was injured in the process, Meltan stepped in to protect Rowlet. Ash arrived soon after and brought both Rowlet and Meltan to the Pokémon School. Seeing how Meltan had taken a liking to Rowlet, Ash offered it a chance to join his [[party|team]], and it accepted.

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