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* This episode was parodied a few times in the US commercial for Pokémon that is aired on [[Kids WB!]].
* The theory test of this episode seems to be a reference to the questionnaire on the games' [[Cinnabar Gym]], which the player can use to bypass the Trainer battles up to [[Blaine]], the Gym Leader. In the anime, Blaine just happens to be the Gym Leader who Ash is supposed to challenge next. However, unlike in the games, passing the tests results in instant qualification to the [[Pokémon League]], bypassing the requirement of eight Gym Badges to enter.
* Jessie and James's exam numbers (634 and 546, respectively) are hidden references to their Japanese names. Using a type of Japanese wordplay called {{wp|Goroawase}}, the individual numbers can be read as "mu-sa-shi" (Musashi) and "ko-ji-ro" (Kojiro), respectively.

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