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Bonnie (anime)

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[[File:Bonnie Proposal.png|thumb|250px|Bonnie trying to find a wife for her brother]]
Bonnie is a young and cheerful girl who is always excited to meet new Pokémon. At times, she gets too invasive with Pokémon, similar to {{an|Iris}}, [[Burgundy]] and {{an|Bianca}}, causing them to attack her. She is very proud of her brother's accomplishments as an inventor, but sometimes criticizes him if his inventions do not work. For reasons currently unknown, she tries to find a wife for Clemont, first seen when she asks [[Viola]] and {{OBP|Jessica|XY008}} if they could marry her brother. This causes him to get embarrassed and remove her with his {{p|Aipom}} arm (which, in a sense, makes him Brock's polar opposite, as he is usually the skirt-chaser that has to be removed).
Bonnie seems to see Serena as a big sister, and they actively take part in several activities together, like baking [[Poké Puff]]s, or clothes shopping. They also sleep together and play games as well. In fact, the majority of the time, if she isn't clinging on to Clemont, she's attached herself to Serena. On the rare occasion she's scared or troubled, if Clemont isn't nearby, Bonnie will hug Serena for comfort. She is also one of the few characters aware that Serena has [[AmourShipping|a crush]] on Ash.
Bonnie's love for Pokémon can be seen in her clothing and other gear, having a {{p|Tyrantrum}} pajamas, a {{p|Slowbro}} swimsuit, a {{p|Snubbull}} apron set and {{p|Delibird}} and {{p|Slurpuff}} winter outfits. She also sleeps in a {{p|Shellder}} tent.
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